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Mr. Bevacqua

Welcome Mr. Bevacqua to Nutley High School

In the beginning of October, Nutley High School introduced Mr. Joseph Bevacqua to the students and staff as the new financial literacy teacher. The other financial literacy teacher, Ms. Hart, is new to the district as well.


Before coming to Nutley High School, Mr. Bevacqua worked in a charter school in Plainfield called, the “Barack Obama Green Charter” for one year. After one year working at the charter school, he then worked three years in an urban district, Passaic High School. He taught financial literacy in both schools before coming to Nutley.


Mr. Bevacqua always liked  teaching of financial literacy. Earlier in his career, he was an engineer, but decided he wanted a job that was more hands on. “ While I was a engineer, I was sent to a lot of programs with no cost, but I still wanted to be financial literacy teacher,” he said.  He went to study at several different colleges such as NJIT and William Paterson and he had got a second degree in economics and business administration.


Mr. Bevacqua’s transition to Nutley High School wasn’t the same as other teachers, since he did not start at the beginning of the year. He joined in October.  “My transition to Nutley High School took a little longer. I had to learn the basics such as getting into the school with my ID and signing in too. I had to get caught up with what the students learned when I wasn’t there,” he said.


Christina Socko, a freshman at NHS, is one of Mr. Bevacqua’s students and she feels that he is a good teacher. “He helps people out and tends to go in depth to explain things, which is great,” Socko said. She also feels that his teaching style is different. “ I am the type of person who likes interaction with learning, but I like the independence we’re given,” she said. She feels that he helps to make it easy to grasp the concepts he teaches.


Mr. Bevacqua is happy to teach financial literacy at NHS and to teach the students his favorite subject. He is looking forward to see what the years are like while teaching at our school. All of the students part of financial literacy at NHS are excited to see what Mr. Bevacqua has to offer.