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UFC Fight Surprises Fans

On Saturday, January 23 Conor McGregor fought Dustin Poirier and the fight was definitely one to watch as part of the Ultimate Fighting Championship lightweight. According To the official UFC fighting website, “Conor McGregor came out with a bang but so did his opponent, his opponent might have just made a little more effort.”


The fight was available on the subscription service ESPN+ for $69.99.The fight lasted two rounds and ended with a knock out from Poirier.


Mcgregor is an older and more experienced fighter, but Poirier is faster on his feet and much younger than Mcgregor. People all over the world love both these fighters. The fight was two, two-minute rounds.


Poirier has many fans as well as McGregor ,but Poirier got many more fans after this fight as he beat the boxer who is known for his knock outs as he was the one to knock out him. 


All in all this fight was a very entertaining fight but not so much a long one. According to the Official UFC fighting website “Poirier only had one more hit, it was just the hit that sent Mcgregor home.” This fight had many ups and downs but in the end one fighter one with a crazy knockout to finish the fight off with a win. Both boxers will have another match coming up soon that they will face up with other competitors to win the fight.