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American singer Ariana Grande

"Thank U, Next"

Ariana Grande achieved her first number one hit on the top 100 Billboard.  Her album, Sweetener, hit the top of the charts this September. In addition, her new song, “Thank U, Next,” skyrocketed to the top of the charts within days of its release. It has more than 125 million views online.  The song was rated as the top-selling, and top-streamed song of the week.


Ariana Grande expresses a lot through her song, “Thank U, Next.”  She tells a story of how she is grateful for every one of her ex boyfriends and names Big Sean, Ricky Alvarez, Mac Miller, and Pete Davidson.  Ariana makes peace with her past and accepts the future as it is to come.


In “Thank U, Next,” Ariana displays some deep and meaningful feelings. In one of her lyrics she sings, “thought I’d end up with Sean, but it wasn’t a match.” Ariana and Sean dated in 2014.  They also performed a few songs together before ending things. Their relationship lasted for eight months.


Another significant line, “wrote some songs about Ricky, now I listen and laugh,” illustrates how after Ariana ended things with Sean, she briefly dated one of her dancers named Ricky. They dated for over a year before she tweeted, “life is wild, and change is fantastic” hinting that the relationship had come to an end.


One of the most meaningful lines in the song, “Wish I could say ‘Thank You’ to Malcolm, cause he was an angel,” reveals her past with Mac Miller.  Since Mac Miller passed on September 7, 2018 of an accidental overdose, Ariana makes sure to say how appreciative she was and still is for him.


The next  line is, “that’s not what I see, so look what I got look what you taught me, and for that, I say thank u next.” Ariana says how she does not focus on what was lost, she looks at what she gained from her past and what was learned.  


In the last line Ariana sings, “even almost got married, and for Pete, I'm so thankful.” These two (Arianna and Pete Davidson) got together very quickly.  However, after a few months of being engaged, Ariana and Pete split, and Pete even deleted his Instagram because of rumors.


 Ariana is inspiring all her fans around the world.  “Thank U, Next” relates to young teenage girls, explaining how life will have twists and turns.  The song shares that anyone can overcome life's obstacles and nothing can stand in the way if there is belief and hope.  In one of her lines, she says, “I’ve loved, and I’ve lost,” again talking about her relationships and relating to her fans. Ariana has hope in her singing and portrays it to her listeners.


Ariana’s singing is very peaceful and in part of her song she sings about herself.  “Cause her name is Ari, and I’m so good with that, she taught me, love she taught me patients how she taught me pain.” Ariana explains in these lyrics how she is going to be the one who is there for herself.  She knows she does not need anyone other than herself and she is a powerful woman. Ariana will continue to show her love of life through her songs