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NHS band

Teaching with Mr. Vicchiariello

Due to Covid-19, several activities and entertainment performed at Nutley High School have been either delayed or cancelled. Mr. Vincent Vicchiariello , NHS music and band teacher, has been in charge of the winter concerts for the past several years. This year, several restrictions have been implemented, making these concerts not possible. As a result, Mr. V. has been focusing on marching band practices/rehearsals and the classes he is currently teaching. 


Mr. V. conducts his classes through Google Meet, while having marching band related activities in person. During these practices, all students present are required to practice social distancing. “Students are to wear masks at all times while outdoors except for when playing and then to be pulled right back up,” says Mr. V. With these restrictions, Mr. Vicchiariello is not able to have his ensemble come together with proper technique. “As long as everyone is safe, healthy and well, that is all that matters,” he stated.


The virtual learning process has been an especially tricky one for teachers at Nutley High School. “During classes, many fundamental skills and techniques are being focused on rather than working on entire works of music,” says Mr. Vicchiariello. With limited resources available, he is trying his absolute best to provide the proper lessons to his classes, in the safest way possible. He states, “Yes, performances help to uplift spirits and joy, but as long as everyone is safe, healthy and well, that is all that matters.”  


Students with a wind instrument will also be given a cover to place at the end of their instruments. Following proper social distancing rules will ensure the safety of students while being able to practice all together. When practices and rehearsals are moved back indoors, students will need to continue the usage of masks and correct social distancing. There will also be special masks given, specifically made to have on while using instruments.