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Stanley Tumbler

Students are Obsessing Over the Viral Stanley Tumblers

Due to the recent craze on social media, the highly marketed insulated tumbler brand, Stanley, has gained millions of new supporters throughout the nation. 


With this rapid increase in popularity, the brand’s supporters, both old and new, have purchased a wide range of Stanley merchandise. The Stanley products come in various colors and sizes with the same purpose to hold beverages throughout the day. 


The obsession over the brand sparked when users found that their beverages were able to stay cold over a long period of time, even in extreme heat, while also adding as a cute accessory throughout the day. 


Students are seen carrying their Stanley cups in every class and hallway. One student who is a massive fan of the brand, junior Erin Kirby, says she first heard about the company through a TikTok video gone viral. This pushed her to purchase a large Stanley cup for herself. 


“I got a giant Stanley jug at first for fun,” Kirby said. However, Kirby mentioned a huge positive the jug brought to her everyday life. “The jug keeps my drinks cold and, as an athlete, I need to stay hydrated throughout the day,” Kirby said. 


Even though Kirby is pleased with the purchase of her own Stanley cup, she did have concerns prior to purchasing. “The price being $50 was very shocking at first,” she said, “however, I would say it is worth it as a long time purchase.” 


Although many students have come to love the brand, some have been opposed to the idea of owning Stanley products. Junior Sofia Lopez explained how she is not interested in spending her money on the company. “The size and cost of the cups are absurd,” Lopez said. “I truly don’t understand the hype,” said Lopez. 


In the last month, the craze over Stanley tumblers took a turn when the brand began facing backlash over huge issues with the products. 


Recent speculation of the products turned into a major lawsuit when one customer claimed that the brand’s products contained lead throughout the cup. This sparked major controversy and fans began to grow concerned for their health. 


Fans like junior Shea Florie were unaware of the recent controversy the brand has faced. “I wasn’t aware of the issue until after I got the cup,” Florie said. Since Florie purchased the cup during the controversy, she looked into it to see if her cup would affect her. “I did my research and found I didn’t need to be worried about it,” Florie said. 


Similar to Florie, many consumers did research and performed at-home lead detection tests on their cups in order to see if they were being affected. While most claimed the tests had a negative result, some found positive results of lead in the bottom of their cups. 


In response, Stanley made a statement in order to explain the possibilities of lead being inside the cup. According to an article published by ABC News, Stanley expressed that “no lead is present on the surface of any Stanley product that comes into contact with the consumer..." since it is protected from the consumers through “layers of stainless steel..” and is solely for insulation purposes. The brand warned those who detected lead in their cups to replace them as there is damage to the layers allowing lead to be present. 


As the company continues to save itself from issues and grow faster throughout the nation, more and more students have been able to access their own cup. Although the brand may seem “overhyped” for some, both the quality and overall presentation of the cups have made them a staple in every retail store across the country. With this, the brand seems to be staying on the rise for more time to come.