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Peace Out COVID-19... Better Luck Next Time

The circumstances of the world we are living in right now almost seem like a false reality; something you do not believe could be true until it gets to you. The CoronaVirus pandemic is history in the making, and it has affected millions of people from all around the world. The virus is spreading like a wildfire, as it hops from person to person changing, affecting, and even killing some. I, myself, was unfortunate enough to receive the news that I had tested positive for COVID-19.


At the start of contracting the virus, I had not thought much of the symptoms I was experiencing. In the beginning, I realized that several parts of my body were aching and hard to move. My head would pound because of extreme headaches, my legs were numb, and my back muscles were in knots. From laying down and sitting on my phone all day, I thought nothing of it. I was also often drowsy, drained, and extremely tired, even though I had not been doing anything for weeks. It was not until a couple days later, that I lost my ability to smell and taste. This is when I became concerned that I may have caught the virus. I had been social distancing and staying home since the first day quarantine was called for, and catching the virus seemed just to be the outcome of bad luck. 


From around the time that I had lost my ability to smell and taste, I still was not sure if it was nothing more than allergies or a common cold. I had a light cough, but none of the more serious symptoms such as the fever or inability to breathe. After three days of no changes in the way I was feeling, my family and I decided that it was time I had gotten tested. 


On April 1, I was brought to my doctors office by my Mom, where my test was conducted. To be able to receive cells that the virus could have attacked, my doctor used something similar to a medical cotton swab to reach into the back of my nose. The swab reached up my left nostril, where the cells were then taken from. From my doctor’s office, the test was sent off to a medical lab to be examined. Five days later, we received the news the test was positive. Since that time, my family and I stayed quarantined in the house, as we awaited the two-week isolation period to end. 


Fortunately enough, I was not drastically affected by this virus and I am on a road to a healthy recovery. To my suprise, this virus did not feel different from any other common cold I’ve had in the past. Thankfully, my symptoms were not severe and it only took about two weeks until I was feeling back to myself. 


As I first began to feel myself improving, body aches and pains were no longer a problem. After that, it took a little longer, but I gradually began to regain my sense of smell and taste. From my first symptom to the moment I began to feel better again, was two weeks apart. 


As I begin to get healthier everyday, I make sure I am as far away from my family as possible and stay home to avoid the spreading of the virus. New data is released everyday, as COVID-19 continues to change its statistics and history like no one has ever seen before. It is important to continue to social distance and contact a doctor if you begin to feel sick or experience any symptoms.