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This is a photo taken from the Senior Cruise.

Parting Advice from NHS Seniors

On Tuesday November 21, the NHS journalism class turned the tables over to senior students, Natalia Acevedo, Joe Sasso, Camila Leon, and Skylar Peluso to get more insight about the year thus far to help students in younger grades know what to expect for their senior year.


As the year progresses, it is easy to infer based off of these interviews, that there is a lot to keep in mind as a senior, along with the fun and celebration.

Seniors Leon and Acevedo were not expecting this year to be challenging, but hey both feel that they have a hard time keeping up with their work. Along with that, the two students also agree with the fact that doing the college application process is the most difficult and most time consuming tasking of senior year. Leon shared that she wished she knew ahead of time to stay more on top of her college apps. Acevedo, on the other hand, stated said that she wishes she was more aware that senior year definitely does come with a heavy work load, and it’s not just fun and games. Both feel that this is a different vibe to senior year than what they expected. It is not all fun and games and should be taken seriously.

Although senior year has its downside, there are also many positives, such as the Powder Puff game, prom, and the Senior Fashion Show. “I am looking forward to my senior year in track, said senior Joe Sasso. “It is my last year, and I could potentially be captain.” Sasso also stated in his interview that he is excited for prom because he feels it will be fun. 

As the year winds down, nostalgia fills the air.  “I could have done better with my priorities,” senior Skylar Peluso said. “I could have definitely tried harder to maintain good grades.” Peluso also stated how she wishes she would have spent more time focused on school so she could make her future plans easier. As the holiday season approaches, Peluso also  wishes she went to more Christmas Tree lightings in Nutley.


Senior year may very well be the most pivotal part of high school. During the year, it is important to stay on top of school work, while also making the most of fun and memorable events.