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Photo credit to Nutley Crew Boosters Twitter

NHS Crew Kicks Off the New Spring Season

Nutley Crew Coaches and Athletes Look Forward to This Season


“We have alignment, attention, ROW,” the officials say as the Nutley boats are about to race.  As the crew season begins, both the girls and the boys are working towards a common goal: to row the best they can.  From novice girls and boys, to varsity athletes, the Nutley crew team never fails to work as hard as they can.


Crew is also known as the sport of rowing.  “It is one of those sports that is both beautiful and powerful at the same time,” says the novice team’s coach, Anthony Scarpelli.  “I love this sport, especially when I see new people finally get it. I am so excited for this new season.”


Meghan Mackle, a NHS senior and one of the Nutley Crew Team captains, claims that, “The crew team has taught me a lot about myself and about my life. When I was a freshman, I struggled to find my place in school. The crew team has given my confidence and showed me what it meant to work hard. Crew taught me to push myself to the absolute limit as well as what it takes to lead a team. I became more sympathetic, more understanding, and more proactive as a person from being a captain.” Meghan has been on the team since freshman year, and has loved being a part of it ever since.


Mr. Kevin Smyth, the varsity crew coach has been a part of the team for 28 years, and the head coach for 26 years. Smyth believes that rowing has many benefits for individuals. “I think the athletes gain a tremendous amount from rowing,” he said. “On the surface they gain exposure to something new.  It is powerful and runs deep. I also think there is an element of accountability and discipline that the kids benefit from.  Once we establish lineups for crews, the athletes are accountable to each other. We really don't make substitutions during practice, and during competitions, substitutions are not even possible. So our athletes know that there are four or eight other teammates counting on them to show up and work hard. If one member fails to show up or do his or her job, then entire crew will be docked or fall short of expectations.”


The team had its first race on March 25. It was the Second Manny Flick / Horvat Series Race, which was overall a great race for all of the Nutley boats. The novice girls’ eight-person-boat placed second in their race. The novice boys’ four-person-boat placed first in their race. The girls’ JV team eight-person-boat placed second in their race. The boys’ JV four-person-boat placed third in their race. The girls’ JV, four-person-boat placed fourth. The girls lightweight, four-person-boat placed fifth in their race. The boys lightweight, four-person-boat placed third in their race. The varsity boys, four-person-boat placed eighth in their race. And the varsity girls, four-person-boat placed third in their race.


Last year’s season was successful and the team has high hopes for this season. All of the coaches are anxiously waiting to see what the season has in store for them. “This year is a chance to meet new athletes who never had a chance to row,” says Coach Scarpelli. “It’s all new! And everyday is like the first, a new chance to learn, improve and eventually be a strong team to make a new name for ourselves! It’s exciting.”