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New NHS Teacher Making History

Ms. Lauren Parness, 23, is one of the newest teachers to Nutley High School. She is a graduate of Muhlenberg College, in Allentown Pennsylvania, and she now works in the history department of NHS. All her life she has lived in Livingston, NJ with her parents. Last year, Ms. Parness covered as a maternity leave teacher in West Orange and East Brunswick. Ms. Parness then began teaching at NHS in September. She teaches ninth grade social studies and an honors course.


In college Ms.Parness studied to be a doctor but, it didn’t feel like the right fit for her. She always wanted to work with kids in her profession and therefore, she then decided to major in history and education. She fell in love with both areas.


While working in maternity leave positions, she found NHS online from an ad. “I asked people if it (Nutley) was a good school district and people told me yes. Then I applied,” Ms. Parness said. The transition to NHS has been wonderful for Ms. Parness. “Everyone has been very welcoming and sweet,” she said.


Teaching has always been a part of her life and a part of her family.  She worked as a camp counselor and taught a fitness and wellness class before beginning her career. “I loved teaching the fitness and wellness class,  especially because I got paid for it” Ms. Parness added.


While she is focused on the transition to NHS, her students are her main priority. All the teachers have a different type of teaching style. Ms. Parness’ students seem to enjoy her type of teaching style. Melanie Prado, one of her students, said, “I love Ms. Parness. She is one of my favorite teachers! She is organized and she can relate to you very easily.”  


Teaching was always a passion for Ms. Parness which makes her an inspiration to many.  Ms. Parness may just be starting at NHS but it is only the beginning of her journey. Her students and the staff can’t wait to see where it takes her.