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Mrs. Restel

Mrs. Restel's Retirement

Mrs. Lorraine Restel has been a part of the Nutley School District for 42 years, so her retirement made headlines throughout the community. Currently the Principal of Lincoln School, Mrs. Restel announced her retirement, effective July 1, 2022. “I love my job and will definitely miss it,” Mrs. Restel said.


Mrs. Restel first joined Nutley Public Schools in 1980 as a teacher at Spring Garden School. She taught grades 2 through 6 until 2006. During that time, she spent the majority of her years teaching 5th grade. Then, in 2006, she was named Principal of Lincoln School where she has worked ever since. 


School is an essential aspect of a child's life because it introduces them to the real world. It also provides them with the tools they need to succeed.  “I always loved school and had amazing teachers who made me want to make learning fun.” This is actually what brought her into the world of education and administration. 


So the burning question is why is Mrs. Restel choosing to retire? “I am retiring now to spend time with my husband and family.” Being a principal and teacher comes with many responsibilities that can take time away from one's family. Therefore Mrs. Restel is looking forward to spending time with her family this summer and beyond.


Upon retirement, there are certain things that Mrs. Reset is going to miss dearly. “I will especially miss seeing the students and staff and PTO at Lincoln School,” Mrs. Restel said. “My favorite moments were the ones spent with the students when they discovered something new or spent time helping others less fortunate than themselves”


Mrs. Restel has an exciting future ahead of her. She is going to spend more time with her family and work on projects in which she has been putting off.  While this may be the end of Mrs. Restel's teaching and administration career, she has an exciting journey ahead of her.