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Mastering Students’ Grades

Nutley High School students are working very hard, studying for their upcoming exams and quizzes. With tests each day, it can be hard to concentrate and focus on what needs to be mastered for their next upcoming one. Students have a variety of types of studying techniques. Many students study in various places such as their bedrooms, the kitchen table, and the library. To have successful grades, students need to have an overall grasp of their classes and the learning concepts.


The Coordinator of School Counseling, Mrs. Meredith Gerckens, believes that most NHS students take their grades seriously and work their hardest to achieve the best. Students who may need help in classes should talk with teachers or counselors for advice.


Gerckens likes to help students and see what works best for them. She will make a plan to address the problem if they are struggling in school. Some students who are in danger of failing the marking period or a class will be called down to her office and discuss ways to improve.


“If a student is not doing as well in a class, we like to look further into the situation,” says Mrs. Gerckens. She believes every student should be enrolled in an appropriately challenging class. Students should never feel overwhelmed or have anxiety over what they are learning. If they do, the counselors are available to speak and work with them. 


“We want the best for our NHS students and want them to achieve the best grades.” Mrs. Gerckens says.