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LA Teams and Their Successful Year

Los Angeles is tied for the second-most title wins in history with 10. Both the LA Dodgers and the LA Lakers won the finals in baseball and basketball.  Los Angeles has many talented players in every sport. The Lakers and the Dodgers both had some rough seasons the past years. But thanks to trading, the Lakers got Lebron James and the Dodgers got Mookie Betts. After the trading happened for both sports everyone knew Los Angles sports teams were going to go far.


The LA Lakers are a really good basketball team and a franchise. They weren’t really successful in the past years. But they made some trading and they got two of the best players in the league Lebron James and Anthony Davis. People may not know Lebron James is arguably the best player that ever played basketball. Lebron has been to the finals many times and lost some and won some. But with the Lakers, he was dedicated to winning it for his best friend that recently died in a helicopter crash Kobe Bryant. 


The season finally began and the Lakers were dominating their opponents by a large number. Soon enough the Lakers were doing so well they clinched the playoffs with a record of 52 wins and only 19 losses. Going into the playoffs the Lakers were the team to beat. In the first round of the playoffs, the Lakers played the Portland Trail Blazers. The Lakers lost the first game and everyone was shocked and thought the Lakers were going to lose. For example, the LA Times article,  states, “ The Lakers lost an upset but are going to bounce back even better.”