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Grace Pula

Junior Class Spotlight: Grace Pula

Grace Pula, 16, is currently a junior in Nutley High School and the Student Council Treasurer for the Class of 2019.  The treasurer is responsible for keeping school events, such as Junior Formal, Prom, and the Fashion Show, cost friendly. The treasurer also collaborates with other officers to think of new ideas for fundraisers, new events and different themes. As a result of being part of the Student Council, Grace is very involved in NHS and its events.



“I wanted to get involved in Student Council because it helped me to become a more active member in the community and they always helped to coordinate events," Pula said. "As a student who speaks for all groups, I wanted to be a voice for people who were not as popular or as outspoken as others.”


However, being a part of Student Council and helping to organize all of these events means putting in a good amount of hours per event and meeting. Along with her AP classes, part time job, and the added pressure that comes with junior year, it takes balance to make everything work. When Grace is not focused on schoolwork, her time is dedicated to various school activities. “ Even with all this pressure put on me as a junior, the seniority and knowledge of the town as a whole makes this year as fun as it can possibly be," Pula said "I know where to spend my time to be the best student I can be.”


Grace is focused on next year and then, her plans after high school. For next year, she is looking into different English electives since they relate to broadcasting and a communications major. “As for colleges, I’m looking on the West Coast in hopes to get involved in the film industry," Pula said. "I put a lot of passion into the culture of different genres pertaining to the arts.”  


photo credit: Grace Pula