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Inside Justin Bieber’s New Docuseries: ‘Seasons’

Justin Bieber’s long awaited 10 episode documentary, Seasons, on Youtube was released Monday, January 27. The documentary shows a side of Justin that many have not seen before. During my viewing, three  episodes seem monumental. They mainly talk about his struggles with drugs, his love life, the canceling of his Purpose Tour in 2016. These are things Justin hasn’t openly talked about publicly.


Episode 1: Leaving the Spotlight

Episode one opens with the release of Bieber’s Purpose Tour in November of 2015 which includes flashbacks to most of his shows during the tour. It then talks about Justin's announcement about canceling his tour. Allison Kaye, Justin’s manager, remarks how she felt when she heard Justin canceled the tour, “I freaked out… Performing is the thing that he loves most in this world. For him to say he didn’t want to do it, I knew it had to be pretty serious.”


Two years later, he started fresh, wanting to share his journey. Justin and his wife, Hailey Baldwin Bieber, visit Stratford, Ontario in Canada which is Justin’s home town. They also go back to where it all started for Justin, on the steps of Stratford Perth Museum, where he would sing just to make pocket money before fame overtook him. They also visit the apartment building that Justin lived in for 10 years throughout his childhood, which brought back memories for him.


It then shows viewers what Justin is up to and what he has been doing to prepare for his new album release. Hailey talks about how interested she is in being a part of the album creating process and it makes her understand the pressure artists go through. “I love to see him do what he is so good at. There’s a lot of pressure and there's a lot of things on artists and musicians that people don’t get to see,” said Hailey. Justin explains how much happier he feels to  be back to doing what he truly loves. 


Episode 5: The Dark Season

In this episode, Justin talks publicly about his health struggles. He shares multiple details of his history with drugs and how he has recovered. Justin revealed that he was just 13 years old the first time he smoked marijuana. Ryan Good, a friend and creative director of Justin, explains that he was very concerned about Justin.


All the cameras, attention, and the money he had, influenced the bad decisions he made. As a kid, Justin was good, but he was sometimes bad in school, a class clown, didn’t respect authority, and coaches didn’t like him all the time. These things made him feel like a bad person. Along with that, his mom was very young when she had Justin and in a conflicted relationship with his dad which caused chronic stress.


Hailey and Justin weren’t in each others’ lives until Justin got sober and off pills. From then on, Hailey stuck by Justin’s side on his road of recovery and really helped him through it. 


Justin then brings cameras along with him to his doctor's appointment and shows the nurse putting in an IV, called NAD. NAD flushes out some of the toxins that Justin has abused into his body in the past. Just had been recently struggling with his energy lately because he has a disease called Lyme disease. This disease is the fastest growing bacterial infection in the US currently.


The episode ends with inspirational statements from Justin saying, “You aren’t alone, there are people going through it with you. Life is worth living, and if you are not gonna give up then the only thing to do is push forward.”


Episode 8: The Wedding: Officially Mr. & Mrs. Bieber

Episode eight is a look inside of Justin and Hailey’s private wedding ceremony in South Carolina. It was only attended by Justin and Hailey’s closest friends and family. They kept it small because it made it more fun for them. As Justin got dressed for the ceremony, he acknowledged how right and excited he feels about  marrying his soulmate. Justin says, “Your life is just way more fun with that person, and you just become one.” Justin and his father had an intimate moment of hugging each other before he got married, which filled them with emotions. 


Before Hailey and Justin met, Hailey was very lonely for a very long time. She remembered so many times going home and crying herself to sleep because she is traveling and going through a journey with no one, lonely. Justin’s manager, Scooter Braun says, “I’ve seen a change in Justin since Hailey came into his life. If any man finds a good woman, then he is going to have a good change.”


The people that were closest to Justin reflected on how far he has come, from a teenage sensation to a mature married man. Scooter talks about how a young man that used to pull pranks on him as a kid is now standing in front of him saying his vows to someone he loves. Allison Kaye talks about how proud she is of Justin. “I was so proud of him at the wedding, for so many reasons. He had gotten to this place that he was willing to make this commitment to another person, that he had made such a wise choice.”


Although Justin wasn’t planning to sing at his wedding, he ended up singing a very special song for Hailey. He sang his own song, One Less Lonely Girl to her, which is the song he used to sing to his fans when they came up onto his stage at concerts.


There are seven other episodes included in this documentary which highlight facts that many people never knew about Justin.