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An Example Of What Vice Principal Craig Jandoli Hopes To See

Vice Principal Jandoli Brings Holiday Spirit To The Halls Of NHS

Vice Principal Craig Jandoli started a new holiday tradition, a "Deck The Halls" fundraiser,  where the teachers participate in a door decorating contest, and the winner gets to choose a charity to donate the prize money to. Vice Principal Jandoli said, “Initially it wasn’t going to be a fundraiser, but just an opportunity to bring life into the school, give students a different scenery, and get into the spirit of the season. So then I decided that if we were going to do something to get our school into holiday spirit, then we should give to those who are less fortunate.” 


The contest commences on December 8th and teachers have to be finished decorating by the end of the day on December 12th. Once the decorating is finished, the selected judges will get to vote on their favorite doors. Vice Principal Jandoli said, “The judges are going to be made up of the administrators, Mr. Williams, Mr. Materia, and myself, and then select students from different organizations here in the building to narrow it down to the top five. Then students can pay $1 to vote on those five doors to decide the winner, which then will be donated to a charity.” 


All students are encouraged to come out and vote on the final five doors. Vice Principal Jandoli said, “I hope that students come out and vote hoping that they do something good for people that they have never even met. We’re trying to build a student body that does the right thing even when they’re not getting recognized.” 


All teachers are inspired to participate in the contest in addition to the students voting. “I hope that many, many teachers come out and decorate their doors so we really have some strong spirit here in the building. I’m also expecting big things from the history department because they’re talking a lot of smack,” Vice Principal Jandoli said. 


The winner of this fundraiser will be announced at the end of the school day on December 16th, along with the charity that the winning teacher would like to donate the money to. “I don’t even know who I would give the money to. I didn't even give that any thought because I'm a judge. This time of year I would most likely try to find some type of orphanage to bring joy to kids during Christmas time,” Vice Principal Jandoli said.