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Track Season Overview

It has been an interesting year for high school sports. 


Track is a team sport, but you also need to focus on yourself and your individual best. No matter if you're sprinting, throwing, or distance running, you always want to get better and make sure that you do your best at all times. Coach McNish, who is also a marketing teacher at the NHS, described the season as a great season and she was glad that they got to have a full season full of many exciting things.


This year, the NHS track team had 4 dual meets with a bunch of weeks of practice. The practices really helped all of us become faster or even throw farther. McNish also comments that “we were also displaced most of the season because of our track being re done.” This was a big negative factor in the season considering that we would have loved to have our own track when we were running and throwing for the events. No matter the circumstances all of the kids really had a breakthrough season with what they were given.


Despite everything that went on this season, several student athletes went to SEC meets, County meets, and even States. SEC meets went very well for the NHS track and field team. A bunch of their kids won medals and got to experience what it was like to place in the events. That was a big deal and made a lot of people very proud this year. One of our own Marchella Blancato and Allie Hulbig made it the farthest as they are going to the County State meet Friday June 11. Marchella is speedy, quick on her feet and can get record times in any event Coach McNish and Rosati put her in. They will be both fighting their way into making the Meet of Champions where the top 3 of each event will go. That is a very big deal and is a great experience for both track stars.


Cynthia Depersio is a freshman at NHS and is a runner for the NHS track team. She had a very good season as she was in the 4 by 4, 200, and 100 all Varsity heats. She says that, “this season has been a great season, we got to experience a lot of different types of meets and got to hangout and meet so many new people.” Track and Field is a place for you to branch out and talk to people you may have never talked to before. It's a great way to make friends and to overall have a great time with everyone. No pressure, no yelling no nothing just having a great time trying to work on yourselves and become a better runner or thrower.


Overall this season has been a good one for NHS Track and Field and they hope to carry that on in the fall and winter seasons and in the next spring season.