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Red Kettle Campaign

A Thanksgiving and Christmas for Those in Need

This past Thanksgiving, the Salvation Army gave out free meals for people all over America. Covid-19 and numerous circumstances have caused many families to struggle financially. In order to help, The Salvation Army annually collects donations and provides Thanksgiving dinners for those in need. Across the country, over 3,330 pounds of turkey and 700 pumpkin pies were served this year alone.


The Salvation Army is an organization that offers various kinds of support. They have help for domestic abuse, services for the aging, veteran services, rehabilitation, food pantries, homeless shelters, disaster relief, LGBTQ support, and holiday giving. According to, the Salvation Army was formed in 1865 and has been operating ever since. 


The Salvation Army assists anyone who needs it without discrimination, annually helping over 30 million Americans. Aside from America, the organization serves in 130 other countries around the world. The organization consists of 1.8 million members who are soldiers, officers, and adherents of at least 14 years of age. 


Every Thanksgiving, the Salvation Army has a program called Blessings, a program that attempts to support and aid families that are unable to afford to provide their own Thanksgiving meals. The organization’s website states that each year, more and more families turn to the Salvation Army for help. 


More than 5,000 people received Thanksgiving meals from the Salvation Army this Thanksgiving. The Aloft Hotel in Colorado had become a shelter for the Salvation Army during the pandemic. Reporter Vinete Arenas of Fox 31 was at the Thanksgiving event in Colorado, where he encountered Frank Perez, who had been staying at the hotel shelter where the Salvation Army was serving food. Mr. Perez stated he was grateful for the Salvation Army because he was unsure if he’d be able to provide his own Thanksgiving meal this year. According to FOX31, “The cost of a Thanksgiving dinner is up 14% this year. The price of a 16-pound turkey is up 21% compared to a year ago. Despite the price hikes, Salvation Army said King Soopers donated all the food.” 


The Salvation Army also provides a similar service for Christmas called Holiday Giving across the country. They collect donations through the Red Kettle Campaign. The Salvation Army website states, “To the homeless, the red kettles represent safe shelter from the streets. To the hungry, they promise a warm meal. To those struggling with addiction and alcoholism, they mean the possibility of a new life free of the bondage of chemicals.” 


Anyone can donate next Thanksgiving or this Christmas. states, “This is why we need your Thanksgiving gift right away! You can help give your neighbors in need a meal and a reason to be thankful this holiday season. Best of all, you give them hope.” It is easy to donate any amount of money on the Salvation Army’s website, anything is a gift at any time of the year.