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2023 Ball Dropping

Students and Teachers New Year's Resolutions

The onset of a new year gives people time to reflect about what transpired during the prior year, and also how they might make the upcoming year even better. New Year's resolutions have become a tradition among many people looking to make improvements in their lives, whether small or large. The most popular resolutions are to exercise more, eat healthier, lose weight, save more money, do better in school, or spend more time with friends and family. 


This year, a few teachers focused on circulating something into their lives that would positively impact their mental health. English teacher Jessica Lemire has two New Year’s resolutions: “My first is to commit to going to therapy to improve my mental health. It's something I've always been an advocate for and something I truly believe in, but I've put it off because the act of finding someone stressed me out. But I'm committed this year! My second resolution is to spend less money on extra things like coffee and clothing and put it to better use, either as donations or even savings. I need to stop being so frivolous with my money!” 


Other focuses for this year aside from mental health are participating in activities that best your mood overall. Physical education teacher Danielle Tarquini said, “My goal is to set time aside each day to do something that will recharge and improve my mood, example - 10 minutes of yoga, listen to music, meditate, paint.”


Out of 10 sophomores who were interviewed, two students, Kattie Guerrero and Gabriella Meir said that their resolutions are to get better grades. Three other students, Dylan Guzman, Katherine Tan, and Caitlin Neibuhr said that their resolutions are to be more organized. Two more students Ava Ciotoli and Nicholas Scheidel said that their resolution is to maintain a positive attitude no matter the situation. Gabriella Hunter said that her resolution is to read more books and lower her screen time on her phone. Brianna Romero said that her resolution is to be on time to things, and Sophie Seckler said that her resolution is to sleep more.