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Student Council Hosts Second Annual Raiderfest

NHS faculty and Student Council (STUCO) from all grade levels hosted their second annual Raiderfest on Friday, May 19th. This event was held on the Oval, and began right after lunch until the end of the day. Students who purchased a Raiderfest t-shirt for their grade level were invited outside to sit in the stands and watch the events, while all students who signed up for events got to participate in them. Vice Principal Craig Jandoli said, “It’s hard to get everyone outside because there’s so many students, but we had around 500 people watching the event and we were really happy to see how into it everyone was!” 


Once everyone was seated, there were five opening acts that STUCO had planned to kick off the afternoon. To start off, freshman Lincoln Boyes sang the National Anthem. Following up was junior Skye Irvin playing the drums followed by sophomore Josiah Paiz with his freestyle wrapping. After this, senior Suhayla Salcedo sang “My Chemical Romance” by Rock Band To conclude the performances, Principal Dennis Williams and senior Declan O’Driscoll had a drum off, which O’Driscoll won based on audience response. 


After this, the STUCO officers led an organized, fun day with numerous events including mini soccer, tug-a-war, two hand touch football, wiffle ball, relay races, a blow up obstacle course, volleyball, and musical chairs. There was also supposed to be a "Finish the Lyric" challenge; however, due to difficulties with the sound system, it had to be canceled. Senior Skyler Yero said, “We wanted to get a variety of events because not everyone likes the same things, but we still wanted a lot of people to participate. I’m really pleased with the amount of people that did!” 


While these events were taking place, STUCO officers were selling food items in the concession stand to raise money for their classes. The items available were water, Gatorade, ice pops, candy, chocolate, chips, and even pretzels with different dips from the Philly Pretzel Factory. Sophomore Kattie Guerrero said, “We’re really all hoping to sell out so we can raise a lot of money for our class for things like Junior Formal, Senior Prom, and other fun events.”


Altogether, this event concluded another successful year of Raiderfest. Sophomore Gabriella Hunter said, “I think this year was really fun and everyone truly enjoyed themselves. I can’t wait for next year!