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Shopping Safety Tips

When many Americans first heard of COVID-19, they panicked. Many  bought supplies like soap, toilet paper, face masks, and hand sanitizer in bulk. Buying supplies was a good way to start preparing for the virus. However,  it’s important to be careful and protect yourself when shopping.


Some tips to stay safe are to wear a face mask, gloves, and to avoid any contact with anyone. “Wash non-porous containers. The FDA says there’s no current evidence to support the transmission of the virus from food packaging, but if you’re concerned, it can’t hurt to wipe down non-porous containers like glass or cans with disinfectant wipes.”


When going outside, please be sure to bring as little as possible or even children, you don't want to bring back an item that may have been infected into your home. If you do however, be sure to disinfect it as soon as possible.


Online ordering is a good idea, but it is very limited due to high demand at this time.