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The Serious Damages of Vaping

Vaping has become a deadly and serious issue in America's schools. According to a recent article in The New York Times, hundreds of cases of vaping have come out due to teens becoming sick and starting to die from mint and tooty fruity flavored nicotine products. Why are JUULs and e-cigarettes so popular among teenagers these days? At Nutley High School, vaping is a problem. NHS Principal, Mr. Williams says, “American teens are hooked on vaping.”


This matter should be taken very seriously, but in today’s world, teens in schools fail to open their eyes to the actual dangers of these e-cigarettes. “With companies trying to pull vaping off as cool, what students need to realize is the difference between being cool and watching out for their own health,” Mr. Williams explains. “If they aren’t going to listen to us, the school administration, then they should look at the science of it all.” 


The New York Times says that already, there have been more than 1,479 cases and 33 deaths as a result of vaping. “Adolescents and young adults make up the population that has increased in vaping use,” says Mrs. Cioffi, the nurse at Nutley High School. “Marketing is geared to younger people and they do compromise the population that uses vapes the most.” Their health is being negatively affected, yet they still continue to use these products.


Even with the recent news reports, people still continue to overlook the warnings and do not take the necessary precautions. Teachers and faculty advise that students just focus on their studies and stay away from these nicotine and THC infested items, for ultimately a brighter future and world. “Time will tell. In the meantime, until they know what the deal is, people should avoid vaping,” Mrs. Cioffi adds.


Vaping should be seen as a more serious topic in schools around the world, and should not be looked at as “trendy” or “cool.” It’s beginning to take lives and people are worried. The chemicals in vapes are toxic, unhealthy, and extremely addictive for kids. “The lungs are the primary target in vaping related illnesses,” Mrs. Cioffi says.


Parents and teachers are afraid for their teenagers and this epidemic. More and more people’s lives are being affected with e-cigarettes and juuls. However, administrators and faculty are trying to help out students and strongly advise to stay away from it, for their own benefit in the long run. “Kids need to realize the common sense of it all,” Mr. Williams states.