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Russia Suspends NATO Diplomatic Mission

On Monday, October 18th, Russia’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov announced Russia will suspend diplomatic ties with NATO. This also includes the information office in Moscow. According to RT News, “Lavrov said that, after that date (November 1st) NATO should turn to the Russian ambassador in Belgium for any contact.”


The reason for Russia suspending these ties with NATO is because NATO expelled eight Russian diplomats on the charges of undisclosed espionage. According to RT News, “The move comes a fortnight after eight Russian diplomats were expelled from the bloc for alleged ‘undisclosed espionage’ at NATO’s Brussels Headquarters.”


This move raised tensions between NATO and Russia as after the collapse of the Soviet Union, NATO and Russia have been trying to pursue a more peaceful relationship. However as of October 22, 2021, these relations seemed to have all but collapsed as according to RT, “Top defense chiefs from NATO member states have given a green light to a new grand strategy on how to beat Russia in any potential all-out conflict, as Moscow says the move proves the US-led bloc isn’t open to improving relations.”


NATO’s response has been along the lines of saying this is Russian aggression. According to, “We regret these steps," Nato spokeswoman Oana Lungescu said. "Nato's policy towards Russia remains consistent. We have strengthened our deterrence and defence in response to Russia's aggressive actions, while at the same time we remain open to dialogue, including through the Nato-Russia council.” Russia has stated that this is even more of a reason why the US backed alliance shouldn't have open relations. Many people have stated that this is ushering in a new Cold War era. According to Yahoo Money, “This is the final and formal divorce between Russia and NATO,” Moscow-based political analyst Yuriy Krupnov told The Daily Beast on Monday. “But Vladimir Putin started the process 14 years ago with his speech in Munich.” 


With tensions around the world rising, Russia’s new stealth fighter, and Russia cutting diplomatic ties, it seems as if a new Cold War may have started. Now Russia is pursuing better relations with China and Turkey. However very few in Moscow regret cutting diplomatic cooperation, “We have traveled a long way from thinking of joining NATO to helping NATO with tons of logistics in Afghanistan to the day of divorce,” Krupnov said. “NATO has grown into a global military organization, so there is a new situation: Russia is once again left to stand alone.”