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Students prepare for Raiderfest events June 2022

Raiderfest Preparations Underway

As the largest extra-curricular student participation day at NHS comes closer, the preparations have begun. Raiderfest is three months away and student council members and the advisors are going to make sure this is a day no one will forget. Advisors are doing everything they can to improve this year's Raiderfest based on last year's.


Planning started early this year in preparation for the event. Student Council advisor Melissa Petrillo said, “We began planning in January and the event takes place in May.” This gives advisors time to formulate new ideas to make the event even better. 


Within these months they are planning out what games they would include and what music to play. They include academic and athletic games so that every student attending NHS will be interested. Games including musical chairs, mini soccer, volleyball, tug-of-war, flag football, an obstacle course, finish-the-lyric, sponge relay, wiffle ball, and a three-legged race are all being coordinated. During the event, live music, food, and drinks will be available for purchase. 


The Student Council officers are not the only ones planning for Raiderfest. Many other students have contributed in efforts to make it a day to remember. Each student that joins is put into one of the seven committees, which is a huge help with planning and getting everything organized.“We have 44 students leading and participating in Raiderfest Committees to plan the event. The committees include sports, music, academic games, advertising, treasury, snacks, and logistics.” said Petrillo. This gives students an opportunity to volunteer in an area in which they may have interest.


Each grade has to design their own t-shirt and sell these shirts to raise money in order to attend the event. Class officers invited students to submit potential designs for their class. Once the designs are collected, each student will receive an email and be asked to vote for the design they like the most. The design that gains the most votes is what the whole grade has to wear. Each grade level also has to develop fundraising ideas and things to sell at the event. Efforts will be made so class officers will communicate so each grade offers different items for purchase.


“The main thing that is done is coming up with t-shirt designs. The officers had to come up with the designs and send out forms for students to vote. This is a very long process because you have to come up with a design, claim the color of your shirt, send out voting, and then get it approved by the administrators,” Gabriella Hunter, sophomore class secretary said. “Each grade has to come up with fundraisers and find things to sell there. The fundraisers also have to be approved by the administrators and each grade level needs a different idea as they can't sell the same things.”


As they work harder and the responsibilities unfold, Petrillo says “The Student Council is looking forward to a great event!”