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rock of ages

NHS to Perform Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages is Nutley High School’s spring show for 2020. It will be directed by Mr. Michael Gurrieri. It is based off of a musical by Chris D’Arienzo. The show is scheduled to premiere next spring. The musical it is based on has been running for 14 years and has a film adaptation that was released in 2012. It has gained much praise throughout its run.


The plot focuses on an aspiring singer who joins a rock band and the drama that occurs after this. The musical is known for its use of “breaking the fourth wall” and addressing the audience. This will be kept intact during NHS’s production of the musical. All of the songs in the musical are from bands from the 1980’s.


The actors in the musical are all well trained in theatrics and will be playing the same characters from the musical despite their younger appearances. The play will be held in the Nutley High School auditorium. It will be in the spring and will have multiple showings.