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Ms.Lappostato at the retirement celebration

NHS Art Teacher Retires After 16 years

NHS art teacher, Mrs. Theresa Lappostato, is retiring from NHS at the end this school year. The 16-year veteran art teacher from NHS has had an undeniable impact on students and future artists since acquiring this job. She also kept the Amy Bonadonna memorial scholarship alive, in memory of a former NHS art student who passed away.


Theresa Lappostato joined the NHS staff team as an art teacher in 2006. She has only worked as an art teacher at NHS. She had a previous job before becoming an art teacher at NHS. She had also worked in the field of graphic design.


From a young age, she has always been fascinated by the all things related to art. Mrs. Lappostato has a BA in education and a BFA in fine arts from Montclair State University.  “Always remember that education does not only come from a school," Mrs. Lappostato says. "Sometimes passions happen from the people we meet in life. I learned mechanics, music, horticulture, and travel from my father, and equestrian skills, reading, art, and business from my mother.”


When asked about her reasons for retiring Ms.Lappostato stated, “I am looking forward to spending time with my family; it is precious and short. An unknown quote always stuck in my mind, 'we are only fellow passengers on a tiny dot of earth and our time with our companions is only a second.'


Mrs. .Lappostato was also asked what she plans to do once she retires. She replied, “I am still passionate about doing some more international artwork. I still want to get my yoga teaching certification, buy a horse, and helping my graduated art students network for good jobs.”


Mrs. .Lappostato will be missed as an integral and important part of NHS. Her kindness and sense of humor have touched everyone. “I promised my art colleagues here at NHS that I would only be a Phone call away for any art talk.”