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NFL Playoffs

The National Football League season will end on December 29, but now with the coming of week 15, the playoffs are right around the corner. The playoffs are being looked at by several teams. Only the Baltimore Ravens have clinched a playoff spot so far, and many other teams are still fighting to earn their spots in the brackett. The players of all the teams across the league attempt to play their hardest all season for the chance to be in the playoffs. It comes down to the teams who have it all, the chemistry, brains, playbook, and determination.


The Baltimore Ravens, a team everyone expected to be either really good or really bad this season, is the only team who has clinched spot so far in the playoffs. Lamar Jackson the quarterback of the Ravens had this to say about clinching the playoffs: "We’ve been having success, and im just enjoying it. It’s on.” 


Lamar is the top MVP candidate this year for the NFL. On December 12, playing the JETS, he broke another quarterback rushing record. Lamar snapped Michael Vick’s rushing yards record for most yards in a regular season and still has three games left. Behind his spectacular plays the team has the chemistry they need to make it to the superbowl.


The Seattle Seahawks, a team that is battling against the 49ers, has fallen behind with a recent loss to the Vikings. The 49ers are now ahead of them in the playoff race. The Niners are a team that had a horrid record last year until they acquired several offensive threats with help from Jimmy Garropolo. They also have a high chance to make the Super Bowl let alone the Playoffs. The last time these two teams met this season it came down to a game ending field goal score from the seahawks. The final score was 27-24, the teams meet again in one of the last games of the season which will decide who has a guaranteed seed and spot in the playoff bracket. 


NFL followers and even regular people are familiar with one of the most winningest quarterbacks and teams in the NFL New England Patriots, Tom Brady. The Patriots have been in three of the last six super bowls because of Tom Brady’s excellence. Tom Brady has had an amazing team alongside of him and never fail to have a bad season for the past 20 years. Bill Belichick the coach of the patriots led the team in a 28-3 comeback against the Falcons in 2017. One of the most legendary super bowls of all time. The Patriots have clinched a playoff spot for now, but can fall behind with a loss to the bills in week 17.


With the end of the season coming many things can happen and many teams can get into the playoffs. As of right now the playoff picture for the 1-3 seeds are pretty much secured. The teams in the wildcard will have a tough time battling it out between each other to see who makes the playoffs. As of right now the only teams that have a guaranteed spot are the leaders of the divisions, Patriots, Ravens, Texans, Chiefs, Cowboys, Packers, Saints, and 49ers.