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Mrs. Gerckens, Mr. Materia, and others that helped to make this possible.

New Scholarships For African American Students

Through the year 2020- 2021, the country has taken notice of a lot of things; one of them being racial injustice. Nutley Public Schools and the township have taken their own steps with this.  NHS now offers a new scholarship for African American students. This scholarship has many opportunities for these students available for them. 


The scholarships are called Black Excellence Scholarships. These scholarships are donated by Nutley for Black Lives. These scholarships are awarded to two NHS seniors. “The local scholarships provide an opportunity for seniors to receive scholarships competing with only other NHS students,” says Mrs. Gerckens, Coordinator of School Counseling. 


The NHS counselors send emails encouraging students to participate in it. After February Break, many of the NHS senior English teachers will spend a few class periods to help the students write their scholarships essay. To participate in winning the scholarship, there are multiple steps. First, students view the Local Scholarship Screencast created by Ms. Aviles, which takes you through a step-by-step process. Then you log into your Naviance account and review the list of local scholarships. Then you must fill out an application. After filling out this application you complete the additional items for any of your selected scholarships that require them. Then you submit your application. 


The town and schools encourage student to apply. Those interested, can find much more information on these scholarships at NHS News & Info Letter. These scholarships provide great opportunities to students.