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Mental Health Concerns During Isolation

Keeping up with one’s mental health during this pandemic is extremely crucial to those vulnerable to the Coronavirus and the world. It may be very frustrating to be inside constantly, without hanging out with friends, carrying out everyday activities, and not seeing family. However, there are various steps and tips to avoid the exasperation of not going out and interacting with others in person. Maintaining a healthy mental state is most definitely one of them. 


One may feel stress, loneliness, concern, depressive thoughts, irritation, and just boredom overall during quarantine. To help cope with these feelings, it is recommended to perform different activities to keep you occupied, such as working out, taking mindful walks, calling a friend, or spending time with family. Instituting routines into one’s life may also help to keep the day going, without feeling unorganized. Michigan Health explains, “Exercise can help boost physical, mental, and emotional health and can help reduce stress, which can take a toll on our immune systems.” Mental, as well as physical and emotional health, all play a role in being healthy.


To maintain feeling calm during COVID-19, it is good to find trusted and reliable news outlets to not become overwhelmed with excessive and obstructive information. It is also advised to take breaks once in a while from the media. Discussing your feelings and thoughts with a licensed professional may also aid you to feel a sense of calmness and see new perspectives. This may be available to you over the phone, through email, or even text. Having support from friends and family plays a critical part in your psychological state as well.


Staying inside during quarantine and being in isolation is most definitely arduous, but necessary for the world and those vulnerable. It is important to stay inside for the protection of yourself, as well as others. With time, the Coronavirus will come to an end and a vaccine will become available. However, for the time being, it is crucial to adapt to this new lifestyle; staying away from others and adapting to new activities and routines. The more we stay inside and protect others, the faster this pandemic will come to an end.