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How Will We Return Back to Normal?

As of May 26, there have been 1,704,110 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States and 153,104 cases in the state of New Jersey. Currently, there are 490 cases of COVID-19  and there have been 33 fatalities in Nutley.


Since the first case was confirmed, the world has changed dramatically and multiple countries have been struck with the burden of this global pandemic. Scientists all around the world have struggled to develop an effective vaccine to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. World leaders and citizens have gone into panic-mode, fearful of contracting this deadly, contagious virus. High school seniors have been forced to miss (what would’ve been) one of their greatest achievements: graduation. Thus, the entire globe has been significantly impacted by the spread of coronavirus, and for the time being, no one is quite sure what the future holds. 


How will life return to normal when we defeat this global pandemic? How long will we be in quarantine? How will we once again greet our friends and loved ones after the quarantine? What will we do next? These are questions millions of Americans have asked themselves since the virus first invaded the country. To help reduce the spread of coronavirus, the President and several state governors have issued strict safety orders, advised citizens to stay at home and only step out for essential needs. However, a vaccine has still yet to be discovered and the number of cases are rising day by day. Unfortunately, many Americans have still been suffering from the effects of this virus. From losing loved ones, to losing jobs, to not being able to see friends, to celebrating birthdays in quarantine, to not being able to graduate; the world has truly been shaken by COVID-19.


In response to these questions, Americans have been fearful of stepping out again, spending time with their friends and family, returning to school and work, and going back to what once was our “normal.” Our trips to the food store will never be the same. Our days at work and school will never be the same. Our trips to movie theatres, restaurants, beaches, theme parks, and airports will never be the same. After this world-wide pandemic, our lives will forever be changed. Hence, as a society, we will have to remain resilient and optimistic to carry on with our daily lives. 


Though, to mitigate the spread of the virus, Governor Phil Murphy announced a testing partnership with Walmart starting on May 22. With the new testing partnership, New Jersey residents will be able to go to several different Walmart stores located in Flemington, Burlington, Kearny, Howell, Garfield, Mount Laurel and North Bergen. Therefore, residents are able to take self-given, self-swabbed coronavirus tests at the drive-up locations. The locations will be available from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm three days a week with a scheduled appointment. Murphy said in a statement, “Walmart pharmacists and trained medical volunteers will be providing the test kits and everyone will be required to to adhere to specific safety protocols.”


With the growing spread of COVID-19, our country must continue to be strong and optimistic. As a nation, we must carry on with washing our hands, wearing masks, social distancing, and practicing good hygiene. With time, patience, and resilience, we will defeat the spread of the virus.