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The Craze of WandaVision

Marvel fans have submerged themselves into the new series, WandaVision. Actors, who play roles in the infamous Avengers series, star in the new sitcom. The main characters are Wanda Maximoff, played by Elizabeth Olsen, and Vision, played by Paul Bettany. The show follows the story of the married couple. This popular show follows the Avengers storyline. This show is streaming on Disney+ as it is family friendly.  Fans of Avengers and all Marvel movies ran at the opportunity to see Avengers cast members in their own unique spinoff. 


The show follows the couple as they try to keep their abnormal superpowers hidden from their suburban community. WandaVision takes us back to the style of sitcoms from the 1960s through the 1990s.


Vision had died in the Avengers: Infinity War, so how could he be alive in this series? Fans have yet to find out, but they have their theories. With Vision being “dead,” he gets reminded by a nearby neighbor who seems to break Vision into reality and out of his perfect illusion of life. The story does follow through with the ideal life they have, but fans start to realize it is not real as do the characters in the show, when Wanda starts to slowly become aware of the “dream” she is in.


When Olsen signed for the show she was “promised a story that not only explored Wanda’s past more, but also the full capabilities of her super powers.” She is rumored to be very happy that she is the main character getting the spotlight instead of a side character like she was in most movies. 


Fans agree that a key part to what makes WandaVision so good is how it’s not a movie. The writer/editor, Liz Shannon Miller, explains how “the episodic structure of the series is essential to its existence, and the rich collection of details packed into each installment makes me grateful we'll have several weeks to unpack them all.” Most people seem to be pleased with the way the show is set up.


The show carries through decades, carries a consistent plot, and dives into the trippy and delusion side of MCU. To be able to create and follow through with a sit com structure while also crediting and showing the complexity of the Marvel universe is difficult, which is why most people are highly impressed. WandaVision is an up and coming series that is different from all other Marvel enterprises.