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Students participate in crafts at Spread the Love event

CORE and StuCo Spread the Love

Last Friday, two clubs at NHS collaborated with the common goal of spreading joy and love within the school for Valentine’s Day. The Community Outreach Representatives for Education (CORE) program and Student Council (StuCo), two clubs who are always trying to spread school spirit, did just that with this event. “Our goal was to highlight love and positive energy in honor of Valentine’s Day,” StuCo advisor Melissa Petrillo said. “You could feel the positive energy within the conference room!” 


While both of these clubs have hosted many successful events separately, this event stood out because of the way the officers from both clubs worked together. “Having more student engagement and planning allowed the event to be seamless. More hands on deck are always appreciated and working with another high school club is always enjoyable!” CORE advisor Victoria Lewis said. Both CORE and StuCo share very similar ideals and intentions, so it was clear that their partnership would be successful. Through this Valentine’s event, the clubs managed to spread positivity and bring students together.


During this event, students met in the principal’s conference room during lunch to participate in different Valentine’s Day themed activities. Officers from both clubs set up valentines origami, brought in desserts, passed out candy, and helped students make valentines crafts. This gave students an opportunity to de-stress for their lunch period in the midst of a busy school day.  “Watching students spend time together, being creative, and enjoying downtime is the best part,” Lewis said. “All students need a break during the day and the event allowed students to have a break while also spreading joy to others by making valentines.”


While the event seemed to run very seamlessly, there was lots of work done behind the scenes to ensure the event’s success. “The officers truly took the lead with this event! Sarah Nugiel, Silia Dimasi, and Marcella Blancato worked to host a great event, with the help of many club members,” Petrillo said. Both CORE and StuCo members had a ton of work to do in preparing snacks, music, crafts, and more. In order to increase school spirit and student participation in club-related activities, club officers have to put in extra work.


However, the stress of getting tasks done on time certainly seems to have been lessened by the collaboration of both clubs. CORE and StuCo shared volunteer sheets, worked together on playlists, and communicated important information through meetings. By nearly doubling the amount of people that would usually have been working on an event like this, these clubs managed to be more successful in their goals. There was still lots of work involved, but it is more than worthwhile for the members of these clubs when they get to see teamwork and joy brought to the student body.


Since these clubs share a common goal of creating positivity, the club members enjoy hosting events like this one where students can relax and get to know each other.  “Both of our clubs are committed to creating a positive school climate. We hope to host more events that allow people to have fun and show their school spirit.” Petrillo said.