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The Annual NHS 2021 Spring Play: Edges

Nutley High School's annual Spring Play, Edges, is to be performed at 7pm on April 23rd and 24th in the NHS auditorium. A recording will also be aired the weekend after this performance for those watching virtually. Edges will be directed by Mr. Michael Gurrieri, NHS English/Theatre teacher, and Ms. Rebecca Polynice, John H. Walker Middle School choir/music director. Together, along with helping staff and student crew members, the play is planned to be a success. Mr. Gurrieri adds, “We [Edges cast] are working hard to make sure we have a great show!”


The play and the songs that are included are described as, “have a unifying theme of coming of age and growing up,” an appropriate topic for the students partaking in Edges. The directors of the show picked this particular play for numerous reasons. This includes its ability to be flexible for both students and crew, how it abides to the Covid safety guidelines, and also has an excellent soundtrack overall. “Students were able to audition via google meet and 30 were shortly casted,” explains Mr. Gurrieri. Rehearsals were mixed with virtual and in person rotations and all followed safety restrictions to ensure a safe and fun experience. 


Covid-19 has had a big impact on school related activities and extracurriculars. Mr. Gurrieri explains  further. “The logistics of trying to figure out how to best organize rehearsals and performances with so many constantly changing factors has been complicated to say the least.” However, with much effort from all, these complications were able to be worked around successfully. 


Sara Tan, NHS sophomore who plays “Caitlyn” in the number “Caitlyn and Haley” explains her experience, “Edges has been very different than any of the shows I've been in before, but it was perfect for this year.” With more in-person rehearsals, students have been able to truly take in this new experience all together and become closer with each other.


Tickets for the play were able to be completely free for this year. The directors currently plan on doing two live performances for a small number of people (approximately 30) and record these performances to air on NHS-TV the following weekend of the show. This way, those who could not attend the initial performances, can view Edges virtually in the comfort of their own homes. Mr. Gurrieri explains his final view on the virtual/partially in-person performances as “complicated but a good experience.” He has extremely high expectations and is ready for everyone’s hard work and dedication to finally pay off.


This upcoming show will truly be one of a kind with its talented students and crew. Though there were several things that got in the way of the “normal expectations,” it was able to work and is almost ready to be showcased to all.