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The Importance of Journalism at this Time

In December of 2019, the CoronaVirus, now a worldwide pandemic, began in Wuhan, China. Over the course of three months, the amount of cases began to increase and spread to different countries, and eventually, the entire world. As the virus continues to affect millions of lives, it is important that people are notified and updated at all times about the amount of cases and how to stay safe in quarantine. Journalists all over the world are joining together to spread awareness about the correct precautions to take and to overall educate others. 


According to The Jerusalem Post, the importance of covering the CoronaVirus comes with a great responsibility. Journalists have acquired the major role of reporting the impact the widespread is having on economies, health systems, and society as a whole. This worldwide outbreak has taught people to become aware of their surroundings, their actions, and health (as well as the health of others, such as friends, family, and neighbors). Other news outlets and websites have taken this opportunity to cover these different topics as well, as an attempt to provide to their communities.


Ms. Karen Greco, NHS Journalism teacher, explains that journalism and having a news source helps inform others to stay safe. However, she also states that it is vital to one’s mental health to step away from the news and to instead do something positive like exercising, reading, or watching a show. She explains, “I think fact-based articles are most necessary now, allowing individuals to draw their own opinions.” Ms. Greco also advises that the truth, regarding Covid-19 during this time, is most needed. “So many people have their own feelings when it comes to reopening the country that I think it's more important than ever to get the facts out.”


Journalism and news coverage is needed in this time of struggle, worldwide. It is important that the people have reliable sources to count on, for regular updates and reminders to stay inside and to stay safe during the CoronaVirus. Journalists and reporters are trying their best to provide this for their communities and society as a whole. They contribute great help to everyone.