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Harry Styles Drops New Album Harry’s House

Almost two and half years after Harry Styles released his second album, “Fine Line,”  his third album “Harry’s House” dropped. "Harry's House" contains 13 new songs, each of which captures a unique, distinct experience in the 28-year-life old's life. "It started as an idea," Styles said to NBC, "I wanted to make like an acoustic EP or something and make it all in my house and make it really intimate." Eventually, the album developed its unmistakable, slow-grooving, Laurel Canyon-inspired 1970s sound, and the title grew to take on a deeper, more personal meaning. The following is my run-down of “Harry’s House” in order from least favorite to most favorite. 


13. Boyfriends

This song is an extremely controversial one in the Harry Styles fandom. You either love it or hate it. Personally, I like the overall message of the song (the ways boyfriends mess up in relationships) but the melody is both repetitive and bland. It is the last song I would choose to listen to on the album.


12. Music For a Sushi Restaurant

I think that this song is perfect to start off the album because of it upbeat tempo and bright style. It is the type of song that is fine to hear on the radio while in the car or out shopping, but I wouldn’t listen to it otherwise. I think there are better songs than this one on the album. 


11. Daylight

I like the slow vibe of this song, however it’s not one of my favorites. I like when the music starts to build up in tempo and sound near the end, but otherwise it is mundane and boring. Overall, the ending of this song keeps it from being last or second to last on the list. 


10. Matilda

The lyrics of this song are so much better than the music, which is slow and plodding. When listening to the lyrics, it is hard not to get emotional because of how relatable it is. Harry did a great job of demonstrating what it’s like to go through mental health issues. 


9. Satelite

I really enjoy this song. The beat and the melody work perfectly for his voice. It is unique because it is both fast and slow. I love how the song starts off slow and steady, and then becomes a funky pop song. At the bridge, the drum comes in and builds to a louder, heavier pop beat that is really fun.  This is definitely a song I would choose to listen to. 


8. Love of My Life

I like the melody of this song and the way Harry’s voice sounds smooth and soft. The chorus is extremely catchy.  I can’t relate to this song on a personal level, so I am not emotionally invested. This song would be higher up on my list if I was able to relate to the lyrics better. 


7. As it Was 

Due to the fact that this song was released prior to the album itself, many people already love this song. I think this song was chosen to be released first as a single because it has a great melody and a very catchy beat. However, it is a bit overplayed now because it was one of Harry’s first pieces of music in a while. 


6. Daydreaming

It’s hard not to have a good time when listening to this song. The intro is super fun and really draws the listener in before the lyrics start. I also like how there is no actual chorus, which gives it a different feel than some of the other songs on this album. Overall, this is a pleasurable, upbeat, song and I very much enjoy it. 


5. Grapejuice

I like the rock feel of this song. It is slow while having an electric element to it as well. My favorite part about this song is the instrumentation. The drums and guitar match perfectly together and compliment Styles’ voice nicely. It is slightly repetitive at points but overall a very enjoyable song. 


4. Cinema

I love the way Harry’s voice sounds in this song. It is not bland at all, and has a very 70s feel to it. The chorus is extremely catchy and overall has a great vibe. The bridge is my favorite part because of the way it builds back to the chorus. It is longer than some of the others on the album, but doesn’t feel like it because of its cinematic feel. 


3. Keep Driving 

Keep Driving is definitely in my top three favorites for Harry’s House. It is short and sweet, but still entertaining.  The drums work well with the overall theme and build up once the bridge comes, which I enjoy. While the verses and chorus are short, the bridge is what everyone is talking about. The lyrics themselves are kind of frisky, but the melody and beat sounds great. I would put this song on a playlist for sure. 


2. Late Night Talking

The energy, the beat, the lyrics…everything about this song is fun and playful. The trumpets in the chorus add a nice touch to the instruments and it has a very catchy beat. I think the reason so many people like this song is because of how relatable it is.  It’s a fan favorite on the album, and I can see why. 


1. Little Freak

Little Freak is a slow paced, delicate piece of music that highlights feelings of regret and missing someone you probably shouldn’t. The melody is captivating and the chorus is definitely memorable. The instruments used in this song are perfect; the piano, guitar, etc. I would say this is my favorite song on the album because unlike all the other upbeat, slowgroving songs, this one is entirely different and appealing to teenage audiences.