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February Break Plans of 2021

February break is a time most students and staff spend with friends or family doing something enjoyable. This year, due to the Coronavirus pandemic plans can differ from past years. Students Jonathan Breihof and Cynthia DePersio share their past plans and what they hope to accomplish this February break. Including English teacher, Ms. Chelsea Freda’s goals during the days off.

Breihof, a freshman at NHS, spoke about not being able to go on vacation with family and friends due to Covid-19. Stating, “I usually go to Florida with family and friends. We go to Disney or Fort Myers.” Without his yearly travel, Jonathan had to figure out alternative plans for how he would spend his break. “I am going to go skiing with two of my friends for a day and I also plan on watching more shows and drawing for fun.” Just like many others, he plans to have a relaxing yet fun break while staying safe. 

Cynthia DePersio, another NHS student, shared how she would normally go on vacation or have some type of basketball clinic/tournament. Both she explained, are sadly not happening due to the pandemic. Instead of doing these activities DePersio now plans to, “finish up my book I started, Twilight, I also plan on starting a new painting, possibly a Marvel one for my dad. I would also love to put some time into basketball training,” Cynthia adds, “I hope I get to see my friends (safely) and I will probably see my family like my grandparents and cousins at some point, too.”


English teacher, Ms. Chelsea Freda, discussed that in past years she has taken up skiing. “During the break, I would go to Vermont for a few days and ski,” Freda said. She now plans on having a more relaxing break. “This year, I will probably just relax for a bit. I try to catch up on my work the week before break. I think we all could benefit from some relaxation as this is a very unique year!” In hopes to bring some fun to a relaxing break, Freda is excited to bake, “My brother recently gifted me a sourdough starter and a dutch oven. I am hoping that I will be able to bake some delicious bread.” Adding how she is trying to learn new hobbies with the plenty of time everyone is spending at home.

This February break will be different than others in the past on account of the circumstances of the pandemic. Nevertheless, it will still be a much-needed break full of relaxation and enjoyment of spending time with family and friends safely.