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The Students on the Podium

Elementary Students Participate in Annual Junior Olympics

On May 26th,  the annual Junior Olympics took place in the Park Oval. The Junior Olympics are a variety of physical activities that students from each school compete in. Mrs. Moscaritola, the Washington Elementary School PE teacher, helps with hosting and putting together the Junior Olympics. All five Nutley Elementary School PE teachers play a part in the Junior Olympics and prepare to make the day a fun and active time for their students. 


All Elementary school teachers play a role in keeping all the activities fun and a safe environment for their students. From Radcliffe, Mr. Armando evaluates the standing broad jump. From Spring Garden, Mr. Grant, who is also retiring this year, evaluates the softball throw. Miss Hitchens, from Yantacaw, organizes the running events. From Lincoln, Mr. Gargiulo is the announcer of the day which announces all the places the students make and also helps with the running events. Last but not least, Ms. Moscaritola from Washington, works the table which is organizing the olympians place cards and getting all the athletes on the podium with their medals. 


The 5th and 6th graders of each school all meet at the Oval. Some participate in the activities while the others cheer their classmates on. 4th graders are also invited to cheer on their upperclassmen and take a look at the experience they might have on the field the following year. 


There are a total of six events. This includes the standing broad jump, the softball throw, the 50 yard dash, the shuttle relay, and the long distance distance run. The standing broad jump is where you begin in standing position and jump as far as you can. The softball throw is when you throw the softball as far as you can. The 50 yard dash is where the athletes compete in a race of 50 yards. The shuttle relay is when each school has four participants and every 50 yards, they pass the baton to one of her teammates. The final event, the long distance run, is the toughest event out of all the activities. It consists of 10 athletes competing all at once running 300 yards. 


In conclusion, Ms Moscaritola hopes for her students to learn the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, and gain more pride for their schools. With the help of the elementary school PE teachers and members of the district, the Junior Olympics has become such an exciting event for students to look forward to throughout the year.