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Chamber Singers

Chamber Singer' Recent Performances Showcase Talent

OnTuesday, February 1st, the Nutley High school Chamber singers took to the middle school in hopes to inquire more students to join choir when they enter high school. Nutley High School Chamber singer Fabian Hattem discussed the effort and details that went into performing at the middle school, and the preparation that is going into the performance at Montclair State University in mid March.


The Chamber singers are made up of both males and females who all have one thing in common, their love for anything music related. These students are sophomores, juniors and seniors and their teacher is Mr. Stephone Gaines. The students recently visited John H. Walker Middle School and sang some songs to the middle school choir students. 


Before this event the Chamber students had been practicing an array of songs consisting of Hallelujah, Sleep, and  Dashing Away With A Smoothing Iron. The singers needed to be dressed formally, looking dapper. The females were dressed in dresses, with pearl necklaces. While the males were dressed in suits with bow ties.


All of the singers had to bring their outfits to school and change into them after lunch. “We had to look professional, and nice, it makes everything become more put together,” Hattem explained. From there, they went into the choir room, rehearsed, hoping to have future high schoolers join the choir later leading them to Chamber’s.

There is a shortage of males in both Choir and Chamber. The goal is to try and gain more males to join. Once they finished practicing, they set out to the  middle school. After they sang, some of the Chamber members discussed information about Choir and Chamber’s, and answered any questions the students had about any of what they had gone over. 


The singers believe it was a success, and hope to have a long list of people joining choir next year. “I hope that the middle schoolers take an interest in it and will consider trying it out,” Hattem stated. But, that's not all they are doing. The Chamber singers  are also performing at Montclair State University in mid March.


In order to participate the singers must wear their mask at all times when on the college premise. The singers will be showcasing their talent at Montclair State University, and sing the songs they have been practicing. They are performing at Montclair state for a workshop and to reform on a college level.


The singers have been working vigorously. “We practice a lot, but the overall goal is to just succeed,” Hattem explained. They have been practicing every opportunity in class, and getting all of the little details put together. The Chamber Singers' opportunities will continue throughout the year, and grow as they progress.