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Bruce Willis at an Award Show

Bruce Willis Steps Away From Acting After Being Diagnosed With Aphasia

Bruce Willis, 67, is a famous American actor. He has played in many popular movies, such as Split, Die Hard, Pulp Fiction and many more. Willis is a Montclair State University alumni, and has been acting since 1978. Just recently he has been diagnosed with Aphasia, a language disorder that affects a person's ability to communicate. Following this diagnosis, Willis has decided to step away from his 40-year career. This news has taken a toll on family, friends and fans. His family has stated, “We are moving through this as a strong family unit, and wanted to bring his fans in because we know how much he means to you, as you do to him.”


Bruce Willis began his career on and off the Broadway stage in the 1970s. He then achieved multiple leading roles in popular films and television shows, such as Moonlighting and Die Hard which rose him to fame. He has been married to Emma Hemming Willis since 2009, and has five children. Three daughters are with his first wife, Demi Moore. His diagnosis has taken a huge toll on his wife and children. PEOPLE states, “After she and the rest of the 67-year-old actor's family revealed this week that he has aphasia and would be retiring from acting, a source tells PEOPLE that the diagnosis has "been hard for" Emma, 43, as "it's not easy seeing a spouse decline."


Aphasia is a communication disorder that affects someone's ability to speak or understand speech. It impacts how a person understands written words, and their ability to read & write as well. There are different forms of aphasia. Some people only struggle with understanding language, while others have difficulty speaking, or you can lose both. In most cases, Aphasia results from damage to the brain, such as a hemorrhage or stroke. According to INDEPENDENT, Aphasia is fairly common. This article states,   “Approximately one-third of all stroke survivors suffer from it. In the US, around 2 million people have aphasia and around 225,000 Americans are diagnosed every year.” Thankfully however, it is treatable. With consistent therapy, people are able to recover their speech and understanding.


With being one of the most popular actors in America since the 1980s, seeing Willis retire and get sick is heartbreaking for many. Not only is it upsetting for his family, his fans are upset as well. After the family joint statement posted to Instagram, it is official and now Bruce Willis and his movies will only be a memory, going down in history as a great American actor.