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a picture of the grammy awards given to the winning  nominees

2022 Grammys and the Charts

The Grammy’s, which originated in 1959, is an award to honor the most talented performers, singers and artists in general.    

The 2022 Grammy’s big winners were: 

  1. Leave The Door open by Silk Sonic
  2. Kiss Me More by Doja Cat (featuring Sza)
  3. Montero (Call Me By Your Name) by Lil Nas X

For album of the year the winner and runner ups were: 

  1. We Are by Jon Batiste
  2. Donda by Kanye West
  3. Montero by Lil Nas X 

One of the most amazing part of the Grammy's are the dresses and suits that the men and women of the Grammy's wear.

Lady Gaga's Grammy dress reminds people of her song Poker Face, daunting its black and white aesthetic that she wore amazingly.

And Ariana Grande's dress which mostly resembles the gray dress  aesthetic in No Tears Left To Cry.

The winner and runner ups of Best Song Of The Year are: 

  1. Leave The Door Open
  2. Kiss Me More 
  3. RIght On Time

All great songs that deserve praise for miles at a time but more importantly some amazing quotes from these winners and runner ups are as follows 

  1. Olivia Rodrigo who won award for best new artist says, “ this is my biggest dream come true”
  2. Megan Thee Stallion after hitting the stage with Dua Lipa  wearing matching Versace had this to say “now we both look like winners.” 
  3. Jon Batiste winning album of the year had inspirational words to share when he said, “be you that’s it”


Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga wore we can use them as an example. Back in 2014 Ariana Grande wore a floral dress which gives off innocent pretty and dazzling. Now, in 2022 she wore a beautiful gray green dress which gave off adult and more woman power with its flowyness and just the carefree look in Ariana grande's face when she posed for the 2022 Grammys photo. 


Lady Gaga's 2014 dress was a dazzling silver which can be seen as powerful  and just inspiring to be yourself.  Now in  2022, she wore a black and white dress. It gave off different vibes where the aesthetic being sent out is “different” where it is its own thing and doesn't look like anything else; maybe closely resembling Cruella's split dye black and white hair which is also special and different.


Lady Gaga in the 2022 Grammy's won the award for best traditional pop vocal album staring Love For Sale with Tony Bennet making it her 13th Grammy win. She said,“I cried just like the first time.”


Olivia Rodrigo said,  “it was my biggest dream coming true.” She won best song of the year award with the song Driver's License.