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Kid doing virtual school.

100% Virtual Instruction at NHS

Going back to school was very questionable this year as  COVID-19 cases rose across the local area, state and country this fall. After many Board of Education meetings, Nutley Public Schools opened to hybrid learning for elementary levels, beginning on October 19th with a phased-in approach. By November 9, the Board of Education voted to not bring back middle and high school students and to keep all students and teachers virtual after Thanksgiving, beginning Monday, November 30.  


Many students wanted to go back after dealing with virtual school at the end of last year, but this year came with many new upgrades. Students no longer have to keep emailing teachers questions, they can say them in the Google Meets they have everyday. 


When the pandemic started in March of 2020, many places had to shut down. They took precautions as a school and went virtual on March 13th. What was supposed to be two weeks turned into the rest of the year. Leading up to this year, the Board of Education and administration took many things into consideration. “It is a very trying time,” said NHS Principal, Denis Williams. “Everyone is getting sick of the pandemic with last year's seniors missing out and now this year. We are definitely trying to get creative about it.”


Being virtual this year keeps people safe from the virus and the spread of it by eliminating contact between students and staff. “We are in a global pandemic and everyone is suffering in their own way. We are definitely trying to keep everyone safe,” Mr. Williams states. 


Being virtual this year also has technical problems occasionally. Schoology or Google sometimes slows down from too much activity and students and staff often have WIFI issues. For students to have their teacher in front of their eyes and listening to everything they say, it makes it easier to learn and ask questions about the work. 


School being virtual has impacted everyone in different ways. Keeping everyone safe is definitely a priority right now during this pandemic. The most important thing is that everyone is learning and doing this together as a school.