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My sisters and I playing in the snow when we were younger on a snowday.

Snowdays, Something We May Leave In the Past

Snowdays are very nostalgic for many current and past students all over the globe. Due to Covid-19, students of all ages have been learning virtually for the past ten months. Now that most people know how to use technology to access this at-home learning environment, it seems that snow days may be a thing of the pasts.


Residents of towns all over are thinking that children may never be able to experience an old-fashioned snow day ever again. However, after speaking with the principal at Nutley High School, Mr. Denis Williams, he explains that this is still being figured out. Williams believes that when things return to normal, a snowstorm or weather event may only require a virtual day. But he elaborates, “I could foresee a situation where the Township of Nutley has lost power and we were not able to even do a virtual day and would remote to a regular snow day.” Delayed openings are also a part of weather situations and many are now questioning them. Williams says, “There is always still the possibility for delays -especially with extreme weather outbreaks becoming the norm.” 


Students of different ages have different perspectives on the situation. Laina Giella, a current freshman at Nutley High School, is a little back and forth with her opinion. Laina explains, “Thinking of just summer, yes I am excited for it to start earlier. Yet, I am still a bit upset that we’ll never get random breaks throughout the school year.” For high school students, these snow day breaks can be very beneficial for mental health. “I think that younger students may miss out on the snow day fun, but overall will be okay since they still have weekends.” 


Elementary school students may not see these days as a time to relax their mental health, but days to enjoy the snow.  Kiley Ostrowski, a 5th grader at Radcliffe School here in Nutley, explains her thoughts about the circumstance involving virtual school and snow days in the future. Kiley says, “When I think about it, I don’t think snow days will ever be the same. Even though we have breaks during online school, we are not able to go outside and enjoy time with friends and family. We have to do our work and get back on a Google Meet.” She goes on to explain that it is unfair because younger students will never be able to enjoy the snow how kids used to. 


All over Nutley and other towns, people seem to have various perspectives on the situation. No one really knows what will happen with snow days in the future and where this entire experience will bring us.