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Meet David DiPisa, Nutley’s Business Administrator

On July 1, 2020, Mr. David DiPisa began his role as Nutley’s new Business Administrator in the Central Office. Six months into the job, the Maroon & Gray caught up with Mr. DiPisa to learn about his his responsibilities as he works hard to prioritize the wellbeing of students and staff in the town.


With virtual learning, comes many day-to-day challenges. Being motivated and organized, Mr. DiPisa begins his mornings at 7:30 a.m. sharp in his office. He describes his days to be filled with problem solving. “I meet with my secretary first thing every day to review and plan for the day/week and upcoming meetings,” he says. Similar to his previous positions in Bergenfield and Lyndhurst, Mr. DiPisa takes on various roles within the Board of Education. This includes finances, transportation, food services, litigation, completing tasks for meetings, and executing formal contracts on behalf of the Nutley Public Schools, all completed with heavy planning/preparation and with given budgets. 


When applying for his current position, Mr. DiPisa explains, “I have only one regret as I should have applied from day one when I saw the job posted last fall.” He describes Nutley as being very similar to his hometown, Lyndhurst, one being how the staff and employees have been so wonderful, hardworking, and respectful. With his past work experience, Mr. DiPisa is able to tackle issues with ease and security. He states, “My philosophy has been and remains the health, safety and welfare of every student and staff member on a daily basis.”


Mr. DiPisa explains the goals and ambitions the Nutley School District has for students and staff. When returning to hybrid/in-person school, screenings and protective equipment will be provided for the safety of teachers and students. Along with this, protocols and arrangements will be set to ensure that everyone is socially distancing correctly. He states that he, “looks forward to the return and a sense of normalcy for everyone” for the upcoming months.