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Induction Ceremony

Language Honor Society Inducts 90 NHS Students

Nutley High School gives students an opportunity to take one of three languages during their time in school: Latin, Spanish, and Italian. After completing three years of studies in a language, students have the ability to be accepted into the prestigious Language Honor Society for that language. The Language Honor Society is a mix of students who excel in the language class they take.


The NHS World Language Honor Society hosted an induction ceremony at John H. Walker Middle School at 7pm on April 9th. There were 90 students inducted that evening.  Once students are inducted, they are members for life. The students accepted were all very honored to be part of the honor society.


Many students benefit from being in the society by receiving money that goes towards scholarships from their fundraising events. For example, they take part in food sales, open gym sporting events, and even apparel sales.


Being inducted is an honor to most students. NHS Sophomore Dilara Kalebek was accepted into the Language Honor Society this year. “It was an experience that most high school students do not have a chance to partake in and it makes me very glad that I can be a part of something that is highly respected in our high school community,” she said.


This year the induction ceremony had some changes from years past. Mr. Wdowiak, adviser of the Spanish Honor Society stated, “I was happy with the changes to the ceremony this year.  I felt it moved more quickly and efficiently than previous years and we will most likely keep these changes moving forward.”


Next year however, freshmen will not be eligible for induction, or anyone who is not enrolled in a level four language for the following year. The Honor Society gives students an impressive credential for their college applications. Being in the honor society gives students a sense of pride in all the hard work and effort put into what they do.


NHS is so proud to have all these wonderful students accepted into each society representing our school. It is not only a society it is a family with so many great opportunities that was put right in front of them. Whether or not you are in the society there is always a chance they you may be accepted and be able to experience everything.