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The Language Department's Newest Addition

Signora D’Angio has been a part of Nutley’s language department for countless years. . After many years teaching, D'Angio decided to retire in October, leaving Nutley High School with an opening for an Italian professor. The high school hired Italian teacher, Steven LaPeruta. LaPeruta, who is new to Nutley, discusses his love for Italian, how he enjoys teaching it to younger generations, and what he hopes to accomplish this upcoming year at Nutley High School. 


Signor Steven LaPeruta shares that he has taught multiple levels of Italian over a 10-year span, this being his 11th. He earned his undergraduate at Montclair State University. Following that, he traveled across the pond to Florence, Italy. It was there that he earned his Masters. He then moved on to teach high school students. 


Signor LaPeruta taught previously at Old Bridge High School in Central Jersey. When he noticed that Nutley was searching for an addition to their language department something stood out to him and he seems to have seen it as an opportunity he must take. Signor LaPeruta says, “Nutley High School has a great reputation, so I knew I’d like the school and students.” He also implies how he is fond of the large Italian-American community present in Nutley. It is “helpful for an Italian teacher,” he explains. LaPeruta now has the opportunity to interact with students from these families and help them expand their knowledge in the Italian language and culture. 


Since teaching Italian to many students, Signor LaPeruta, explains that his favorite part is when he notices that his students are understanding his material. He says, “ when I see things start to click for my students, it makes all the work worth it.” He knows it is hard to learn foreign languages so he tries to engage with the students in order to make his class enjoyable and understandable, which is one of his goals being a teacher as well. 


Signor LaPeruta is well prepared for the year ahead. He understands the new learning aspect and will manage to adapt to it for his students as long as he must. It is known to all teachers that virtual learning is a struggle for most students and they need to “make it somewhat enjoyable,” he explains. Signor LaPeruta wants to make class fun for all his students and on top of that, he’d like to get to know the students more as well. With school being virtual it can be hard to meet all your students, but Signor LaPeruta will definitely go out of his way to do so. 


Based on the individual personality aspects of LaPeruta he shows how dedicated he is. Signor LaPeruta plans to rise as a teacher at Nutley High School, while allowing his students to rise as fluent Italian speakers with him. This is a valuable addition in NHS gaining an asset who will most certainly make a difference to the future of students and learning.