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DECA competition

NHS Students Participate in DECA Competition

On January 4, 50 NHS students, along with students from 45 other high schools, took part in the DECA competition held at Kean University.


In order to become a member of DECA, students must be enrolled or have taken a business course at NHS. They must attend mandatory meetings and take the state 100-question MBA-level test, created by The Masters of Business Administration Research Center. The test is specific to students’ chosen career cluster.


“DECA is a really great and unique experience for high school students because it provides them insight into the business world,” said club advisor Kara McNish. “They're able to experience what it is like to handle challenges in business and marketing and have to not only present themselves in appropriate business attire but also communicate and articulate their thoughts and ideas in an interview like scenario.”


Each student at the competition received a score with 40% based on the test and 60% based on a role playing scenario at the event.


Six NHS students placed at the event including:

Eric Palomino (Grade 12): Business Finance Series- #4 overall score

Anish Kumar (Grade 10): Business Management and Administration- #1 overall and #1 role play score

Saumya Dwivedi (Grade10): Business Management and Administration- #3 overall score

Gabriella Rizzo (Grade 11): Business Management and Administration- #10 overall score

Frank Cordero (Grade 12): Marketing Communications- #1 Role play score

Charlie Williamson (Grade 12): Marketing Communications- #3 overall and Role play score