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Arizona Cardinals

NFL Season Power Rankings

As we wrap up week seven of the NFL regular season, some teams have regularly performed well each week. This year has come with many surprises as some of last year’s top teams have regressed drastically while others have prevailed and had the spotlight on them since week one. While some teams have failed to perform to the highest potential, it is never too late for a team to elevate their game to the next level and leave their mark on the league for years to come. But the future is unpredictable, so as of right now, here is my list of the NFL’s top 10 teams as of Thursday, October 27th.


10. Las Vegas Raiders (5-2)

Coming off a subpar 9-7 season, the Raiders have seemingly turned things around as they currently stand at 5-2 as of right now. Their offensive firepower has not failed to impress as they are second in the league in passing yards with 2,269 yards through the air. Derek Carr has not failed to impress, but with his star-studded receivers, it would be hard not to. Darren Waller, Henry Ruggs III, and Hunter Renfrow have been nothing short of outstanding, as they have made it hard to stop their pass game all season long. Meanwhile, their run game hasn’t been the best, but they are home to one of the league’s best running backs in Josh Jacobs who can turn it around at any given point. The only thing holding them back from being higher on this list is their defense. The defense has played well, but not good enough to keep this team as high as it could be. They rank 13th in passing yards allowed with 1,559 yards and 28th in rushing yards allowed with 919 yards. They have failed to get their offense stops when needed, however, they feature top-tier players such as Maxx Crosby and Jonathon Abrams. Their inability to play stellar defense leaves them a bit further up on this list as opposed to where they would be if their defense could step up a little. 


9. Baltimore Ravens (5-2)

The team that barely cracking the top 10 has to be the Baltimore Ravens. Their inconsistency and injury-plagued running back room have held them back from their highest potential. Of their two losses, one came in a game that decided who would be the division leader between them and the Bengals where the Ravens ultimately ended up losing 41-17 in a horrifying loss. They have yet to prove that they can come out weekly and play football to the best of their ability and this holds them back drastically. However, their offense ranks third in the NFL in rushing yards with 1,046 yards on the ground and is second in the league in yards per reception. Their offense has shown lots of life throughout the season as Lamar Jackson is having a season better than the one of his MVP year. But their defense just continues to hold them back as they have allowed the third-most passing yards in the NFL. Until their offense and defense can both step up at the same time, they can not move any higher than tenth on this list. 


8. Tennessee Titans (5-2)

Despite facing one of the biggest upset losses against the New York Jets, who were winless at the time, there is no way to look past this team and take them out of the top 10. Home to the league’s leading rusher and reigning rushing champion, Derrick Henry, has been nothing short of amazing this season. With 869 rushing yards through seven games, he is on pace for approximately 2,110 rushing yards this season which would break Eric Dickerson’s record of 2,105 yards set in 1984. Their insane run game has carried their offense, as their ability to pass the ball has been subpar all season despite having two of the league’s best in Julio Jones and A.J. Brown split out wide for them each week. On the other side of things, their defense has been able to hold their own and keep them in games. They aren’t quite living up to the expectations they set for themselves coming off a great year last year, but only time will tell where they go from here.


7. Cincinnati Bengals (5-2)

For a team that has played so well, it is extremely hard for me to put them any higher on this list. Coming off one of the biggest games for them in recent history, defeating the Ravens to become the AFC North frontrunners. Rookie wide receiver Ja’marr Chase is the  pick for Offensive Rookie of the Year and it has been special to watch him play. He is second in the league for receiving yards and tied for third in touchdown receptions. The kid has put the world on notice and silenced all the critiques who made fun of the Bengals for selecting him over an offensive lineman. Now while their defense ranks eighth in terms of rushing yards allowed, their pass defense has been detrimental to their success. Their defense has not been able to come together as a unit all year which has been the main factor when looking into this team’s losses. If their defense can perfect all phases of football, they will be a problem for years to come. Their young core and success are scary enough now, but when these guys are all more experienced, they will be extremely fun to watch.


6. Buffalo Bills (4-2)

Where do you even start with a team like this? With their offense getting a majority of the attention, I would like to look at their defense because what they have done this year is stunning. They are first in pass yards allowed this year and fourth in rushing yards allowed. They are one of two teams to mount a shutout, as they held the Miami Dolphins to zero points just weeks ago as well. Their defense has been outstanding through the six games they have played in and I’m not sure what else they possibly could have done to improve over time. Now for their offense, Josh Allen has been nothing short of excellent at quarterback as he has led this offense to be tied in sixth place for total touchdowns. Scoring is never an issue as this team will always find a way to put up points. Despite their all-around greatness, they have struggled in some crucial moments resulting in two losses next to their name. If they could just tweak some small imperfections, this team is a force to be reckoned with.


5. Dallas Cowboys (5-1)

With the return of Dak Prescott, this team has looked better than ever before. Their only loss came from reigning Super Bowl Champions in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a game that they could have easily won if it weren’t for a couple of missed field goals. Despite their one loss, this team has made some major progress since last season. Cornerback Trevon Diggs leads the NFL in interceptions and has returned two of his seven interceptions for touchdowns. Being able to put up defensive points is huge in a league where high-scoring offenses seemingly dominate. But their offensive firepower has been too much to overcome for all the teams they faced, as they’re second in the league in completion percentage and sixth in passing touchdowns. If you try and hone in on their pass game, they will run it down your throat as they average 5.1 yards per carry which ranks third in the league and they’re also fourth in rushing yards. No matter what your approach is, this offense is too much to handle and there is no way to stop them from scoring as many points as they decide they want to put up.


4. Green Bay Packers (6-1)

After losing 38-3 in week one against the New Orleans Saints, everyone panicked and thought the Packers dynasty was finally coming to a close. But what many people also forgot is that reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers would never let a season slip away without giving it everything he had. Despite them not dominating any specific statistical category, they have clawed their way back into Super Bowl Contention in pure Packers fashion. Their offense and defense have both done their part in helping them win football games and as a team, they look more well-rounded than ever. No matter the injury issues they have or the team they’re up against, it seems as if they will always find a way to win games despite sitting in the middle of the pack in every significant statistic that can be presented. Until they stop winning, there is no way to put them anywhere less than fourth because they just never stop fighting.  


3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-1)

It is nearly impossible to keep this team out of the NFL's top performers. No matter where you look, they have no flaws to their roster, starting with their defense. They currently lead the league in rushing yards allowed, only allowing a total of 472 through seven games. Furthermore, they are tied for second in the league for interceptions with 10 and second in the league with interception touchdowns with two. I would get into names but instead of risking forgetting someone, I feel it is necessary we just look at them as a unit. Now for their offense, they have done it all this year as they lead the league in passing yards, passing touchdowns, and total completions while only giving the ball away for a league-best of two times. With their tremendous success passing the ball, this has opened up the run game a lot more as defenses are forced to be aware of just about anything. As their run game is infrequent, it has been efficient as they average 4.2 yards per carry and have totaled seven rushing touchdowns. Any Tom Brady-led team is a nightmare to opponents, but this one looks a lot scarier than ones from previous years. 


2. Los Angeles Rams (6-1)

The Rams were home to last year’s clear-cut number one defense. They are blessed to have a hold of Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey who are widely regarded as the best at their positions. However, this seems to be the more underwhelming thing in Los Angeles, as their newly added quarterback Matthew Stafford has been lighting up every opponent he has faced. He has come into this city and completely changed their offense for the better. His number one target Cooper Kupp currently leads the NFL in receiving yards and as a team, they rank fourth in the NFL in receiving yards. This team has had so much success through the air this season that their run game hasn’t been called on much. They just allow their new franchise quarterback to let it fly and good things have happened.


1. Arizona Cardinals (7-0)

In my eyes, this is a no-brainer. They have been playing at an absurdly good level and have proven their worth as the league’s best team. They breezed by most people’s Super Bowl favorites in the Los Angeles Rams and have not shown any signs of slowing down. Running the offense, they have Kyler Murray who has been playing phenomenal this season while utilizing all of his offensive weapons. Their offense doesn’t show any weak spots as they just fulfilled their tight end spot by trading for former Philadelphia Eagle Zach Ertz to complete their offense. Defensively, third-year safety Bryon Murphy Jr. has stepped up and has become their star player amongst all the talented individuals on their defense. They are currently tied for fifth in the NFL in terms of sacks with 19 and while leading the NFL in forced fumbles and coming in at second in fumbles recovered. Their defense does everything you could ask for, by giving the offense more possessions, keeping the opposing team’s score as low as possible, and making huge plays whenever they are called on. There is nothing this team can’t do and they are the NFL’s best team by a wide margin as of right now.