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Junior Olympics at the Oval

The Future of Nutley Athletics

Annual Junior Olympics Proves a Bright Future for Nutley Athletics 


The Junior Olympics is an annual event that all five Nutley elementary schools participate in. Lincoln, Spring Garden, Radcliffe, Washington and Yantacaw compete against each other in a number of events.


On May 31, the 2018 Junior Olympics were held on a rainy day at the Nutley Park Oval. It was a highly anticipated day for many sixth grade school children and teachers, as they got to spend some time out of the classroom. It attracted a large crowd of supportive parents, as well as supportive classmates, who respectfully cheered on their school in the events that took place throughout the morning. Students who were chosen to participate on their schools’ team were picked due to their athletic ability, and the fact that they were “good citizen-students,” according to Coach Thomas Gargiulo, a gym teacher at Lincoln School, who helped to make sure the Junior Olympics ran as smoothly as possible. Some of the events that took place throughout the day were the 50-yard dash, the long jump, softball throw, and the 200-yard dash.


Overall, the Junior Olympics attracted positive energy as the five elementary schools, came together to show off their athletic abilities. The school spirit was “at its highest,” said Coach Gargiulo, which is not hard to believe.


Ms. Robyn Powell, Health and Physical Education Coordinator for the Nutley Public Schools, describes it as, “an absolutely fantastic day.” As for the most exciting of the events that takes place, Coach Gargiulo admits it to be the relays, where four students are chosen to run 50-yards, then pass the baton to their teammate, where they do the same.


The Olympics showcase talent for the future of Nutley Athletics. “It is wonderful seeing healthy competition and sportsmanship from our young competitors and spectators,” concluded Ms. Powell.