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Faculty, Student Council Officers Bring Fall Festival To Life

Vice Principal Mr. Jandoli thought of an idea for a school-wide Fall Festival, and his idea was carried out on Wednesday, October 26, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.. This event was held in the hallways outside of the auditorium and all throughout the big and small gymnasiums. Student Council officers from all grade levels and faculty members were in charge of setting up prior to the festival, along with cleaning up once the event was over. 


Hundreds of students flooded the school once the doors opened. Different foods and drinks were offered, including pizza, donuts, water, hot chocolate, gatorade, and apple cider, with more tables lined up in the hallway for students to sit and enjoy their food and drinks. 


Students offered face painting, and senior Cameron Coffaro sold items from her small business, Ring Goddess. Coffaro sold different jewelry such as rings, necklaces, and earrings. “I love that I’m able to bring one of my hobbies into school because it allows me to express myself in another way and share what I love with everyone around me,” Cameron said. 


The big gymnasium was sectioned off depending on the different activities. Near the boys locker room was a section for three badminton courts, while in the middle of the gym students competed against each other in spike ball and mummy wrapping contests. 


Sophomores Justice Rivera and Donato Longobardi ran the DJ booth by the doors that connect the big gymnasium to the hallway that leads to the small gymnasium. All throughout the night students went up to them and made song requests. Sophomore Giavanna DiNorscio said, “My favorite was when they played 'Time Of My Life' by Pitbull because it’s fun to sing and dance to!” 


Rivera and Longobardi got the crowd going when the “Cotton Eye Joe” was requested. Students from all corners overwhelmed the dance floor once they heard the song begin. Longobardo said, “It’s always funny to see everyone get up to sing and dance because we’re all so quiet in school. It’s also cool to hear what everyone’s taste in music is like.” 


The last attraction was a blow-up obstacle course propped in the small gymnasium. The line for this was practicality out the door as students from all grade levels were eager to race their friends. After going through the obstacle course, juniors Elizabeth DeSantis and Bryanna Martins both agreed that this was a very fun school event. Martins said, “I think I’m speaking for not only both of us but everyone here that this was a much needed event and a breath of fresh air. We all come to this school everyday to learn and we’re all so stressed with sports, homework, things at home, and everything else that it’s nice to come back here and just be able to enjoy our time together without having to worry about anything.” 


Overall there was a very good showing from the student body, with a total of 415 students. “I was so happy I cried pumpkins!” Principal Mr. Williams said.