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Bhuvan Dave, experiencing a technical malfunction prohibiting him from accessing the facilities.

Bathroom Security is a Pertinent Issue

2019 has been a rollercoaster of a year for Nutley High School, with no shortage of hot topics. The new bathroom security system is the latest in a string of innovations brought to NHS. Beginning in early May, all bathrooms in Nutley High School became locked during school hours and can only be opened with a designated, electronic pass. This new initiative has come to many students with dismay but, will likely prove to be for the greater good of Nutley High School.


Although the security scanners were not introduced until May, according to Principal Denis Williams, plans were set in motion for this initiative over a year ago. Following a security threat last winter, the United States Department of Homeland Security inspected all Nutley district buildings and gave instructions for stronger security measures in order to ensure the safety of the students and staff at each school. When asked about his own personal opinion on the new security scanners, Mr. Williams simply said he is, “all in favor of whatever will keep the students safe.” Although the principal acknowledges the downsides such as students forgetting the pass or having to wait longer for their turn to use the restroom, he believes that, “the good here outweighs the bad.”


While the administrators are in favor of the new system due to the added security it brings in lockdown situations, the majority of the student body seems to be more concerned with the inconveniences than with the potential long term benefits. Natalia Acevedo, a senior at NHS, shares the common opinion of the scanners as, “annoying.” She recounts a time she came into school late and wasn't able to get into the bathroom before her first class, a problem that she had not experienced during her previous three years at NHS.