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Vaccination Center

First Hand Experience Receiving The Booster Shot

For almost two years, COVID-19 has been a topic of discussion on every news channel that exists. Americans have waited since March of 2020 for something to be done to stop the spread. So with that, vaccines have been worked and tested on to ensure that it was safe for all citizens. 


But with these vaccines being created and used, many opinions are circulating about whether they are effective or if anyone would get them. There is a COVID Data Tracker on the CDC website that counts how many people are fully vaccinated, have only one dose, and have gotten the booster.


According to the COVID Data Tractor on the CDC website, 246,812,939 (74.3%) people have received at least one dose of the vaccine, 207,662,071 (62.5%) people are fully vaccinated, and 75,356,579 (36.3%) people are fully vaccinated with a booster dose. 


I am proud to say that I joined the 36.3% of people who received the Pizer Booster shot on December 27, 2021. I wanted to get the shot as soon as it was available to my age group because I would feel safer against COVID and the new variants. 


Walking into the Kmart in West Orange, I was excited, but very nervous. I had no idea what to expect. Prior to going, I thought that Kmart dedicated one tiny corner for vaccinations, but actually, the entire store was turned into a vaccination site. It was shocking to see how Kmart was flipped entirely from a massive store to a vaccination center. 


There were many workers and volunteers there that made the process run smoothly. There was somebody at every turn and multiple lines were created to make the process efficient. There were separate lines for people getting their booster or vaccinated for the first time at the entrance. After that, my sister, dad, and I were sent to the check-in desk and moved to the line where I would finally be receiving my booster. 


The actual process of getting the shot was seamless. I was in the booth for probably five minutes because it was so easy. After getting boosted, I felt relieved knowing that I had extra protection against COVID and its new variants.   


It is essential to get the booster shot because it will help stop the spread of COVID so much faster than not getting vaccinated. With stores, schools, and workplaces going virtual or closing, getting vaccinated and boosted will stop that trend and allow us to be able to shop, go to school, and go to work. Getting vaccinated will help the American people come together as one and protect each other.